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62 Screws in-home design consultations for custom project meetings, 3D renderings, and quotes



We've realized that the best in-home consultation experience you can have is with the lead builder of your custom project. We've had clients spend thousands of dollars on designers without any build knowledge to draft up kitchen & built-in plans, all which we ended up having to redesign due to dimensional flaws, spacing issues, and improper construction methods. A designer's limited knowledge of construction capabilities, techniques, and designs, should not limit your project's potential.


That is why scheduling a consultation with our 62 Screws lead builder will guarantee not only expertise in design, but also project cohesiveness from an architectural standpoint such as:


  • Expertise on proper cabinetry spacing away from walls (space openings of doors and drawers).

  • Expertise on proper construction methods (properly supporting, anchoring, and reinforcing design elements such as shelving, lighting, and oversized cabinets).

  • Expertise in a variety of construction capabilities, meaning more unique design options, better problem solving approaches in regards to limited spaces, and more efficient cabinet shop techniques.

Rather than having to hire multiple companies, we want to make 62 Screws the one stop shop for consulting, designing, building, and installing custom projects. 

62 Screws Owner Steve Willsey.JPG
62 Screws custom luxury master closet built-in with granite island and walnut shelving 3D rendering
62 Screws project booking process, project timelines,  and project deposits



*We are currently not accepting new projects for 2024 due to our full schedule. If anything changes or bookings become available again, we will make sure to post these updates directly through our website, social media, and email waitlist.*


To book a build slot and install time frame, we require a 60% deposit, while the remaining 40% balance is only due at completion (made via check, credit card (Stripe), or wireless transfer. This allows us to purchase upfront material and hardware, so we do not run into any future shortages or price fluctuations while waiting for your upcoming build slot. In addition to the purchase of material, the deposit also needs to cover the upfront labor, since most of our cabinetry projects are made in shop and then transported for install. Lastly, the deposit will hold your designated build slot and install time, making sure no other projects can be added to that schedule. We like to keep things organized and punctual.

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